A Year in Review

Fri 25 January 2013 by David Fischer

A little over a year ago on January 12, 2012, we had the first DjangoSD meeting in months but a grand total of four people including the organizer and host attended. Since the previous organizer Ted left for silicon valley, the group had become smaller and the meetups less frequent. Kendall, Bob, Michael and I chatted a bit about the state of tech in San Diego and what we should do about the group. Should we fold it up or try to jump start it?

Because another San Diego Python group had lost steam we decided to consolidate the Django group into a more generic Python meetup. The bulk of the credit goes to Kendall who really took it upon himself to rebuild the group. He bought a meetup.com subscription, got the credentials to manage the mailing list and twitter account and organized the February meeting. All I had to do was give the talk. Given the turnout of the previous month, we were expecting a pretty modest turnout. We were surprised to fill the big room at Co-Merge with forty people!

Since that first success, we have been organzing regular meetups for the past year. Having a speaker lined up along with a little upfront marketing on twitter and meetup.com goes a long way. San Diego Python has organized three workshops for people learning Python and Django and had all of them sponsored by local companies or the Python Software Foundation. We have another two lined up too. We had about thirty people last night for our regular meetup.

We have had lots of help. The other two Davids, Bharad, Trey, Paul, Kim and many others have been awesome. Our sponsors -- Cuker and Brightscope -- really care about the San Diego tech scene and have been tremendous in supporting us. The Ansir Innovation Center and Co-Merge have been extremely generous letting us host our events at their locations. Most of all though, the attendees have been fantastic. I know for a fact that a few people have landed great jobs because of San Diego Python. Hopefully the next year is just as good as this one.