April Newsletter

Wed 08 April 2015 by David Fischer


We are always looking for new presenters for SD Python's monthly meetup. If you're interested in giving a talk, please email us.

Upcoming events

PyCon 2015 (pycon.org)
PyCon 2015 starts tomorrow in Montreal. PyCon is the largest Python conference and there are a number of local San Diegans headed to the conference. The videos should start appearing shortly after the conference on pyvideo.org

Saturday study group (meetup.com)
San Diego PyLadies and SD Python are continuing the Saturday study group at the Ansir Center. The goal of the Saturday study group is to learn Python together in a collaborative environment.

Monthly Meetup (meetup.com)
Our regular monthly meetup will be held at the Ansir Innovation Center on Thursday April 23 at 7pm. We are doing 5 minute lightning talks. If you are interested in speaking, please contact us or post in the meetup comments.

PyData Dallas 2015 (pydata.org)
PyData is a community of data analysts and developers who use open source Python tools for use with Big Data™. The conference is being held in Dallas April 24-26.

SciPy 2015 (scipy.org)
SciPy's annual conference is being held July 6-12 in Austin. SciPy is a community (and a pretty darn good toolkit) dedicated to open source Python software for math, science and engineering. The call for papers is closes this week.

DjangoCon US (djangocon.us)
DjangoCon will be in Austin this year from September 7-9. Texas is a popular place for conferences this year. Financial aid is available and the call for proposals is open until May 15. This year DjangoCon is run by a new nonprofit, the Django Events Foundation North America (DEFNA) which means lower prices and making the event more accessible to those who need it.


Linux Sysadmin (maxhire.net)
Are you a Linux Administrator with strong configuration management experience? Eastridge Workforce Solutions, one of the sponsors for our data science funconference, has a client committed to being the leading provider of advanced patient - caregiver solutions and wireless workflow messaging systems for hospitals and other healthcare providers. Must have advanced scripting skills with Python, Perl, Ruby or Bash.

QA Test Analyst (maxhire.net)
Are you a junior to mid-level IT professional eager to take your career to the next level? Interested in getting into the automation test arena? This is a direct hire QA opportunity where the #1 requirement is strong scripting skills in Python, Perl, Ruby, JavaScript or Bash.

Software engineer (intellisis.com)
Intellisis is looking for you, the agile-loving, curious, technology-obsessed Python connoisseur ready to take on new challenges. They're a small company near Torrey Pines and are all-in with Python.

Full Stack Developer (brightscope.com)
Brightscope, a local financial analytics firm and big SD Python supporter is looking to hire a full stack Django developer to join their ever growing team. They are based in the UTC area.


Would you like to see your job opening on our newsletter that reaches over 1000 local Python developers? First, read our job posting guidelines and then send it to us if you would like it to appear in the newsletter or you can post it yourself to our mailing list.

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