December Newsletter

Mon 02 December 2013 by David Fischer

San Diego Python enthusiasts,

Here at San Diego Python, we love feedback. If you love our newsletter, tell us! If you hate it, we want to hear from you. Did you see some articles that we should have posted? Do you have an article, event or other suggestion for our next newsletter? Email us.


Local groups provide inside track to tech jobs (
The Union Tribune had an article about local tech groups (like us!) providing the inside track to jobs. I don't know how much of an inside track it is, but San Diego Python certainly doesn't hurt! The article features the Ansir Center, our usual host.

Data visualization with Bokeh (
If you're a data visualization nut like I am, then you'll find Bokeh from ContinuumIO quite interesting. It's an open source Python based interactive data visualization tool. Now all we need is an expert to give a presentation at a San Diego Python meetup.

Python assertions (
There was a great post on the Python mailing list about assertions in Python including when to use them and when not to use them.

Pycoder's weekly (
This weekly Python newsletter is a great way to stay up to date with the larger Python community.

Upcoming events

Hack Night 2013 (
By popular demand we will be having a hack night at Regent's Pizzeria in UTC on Friday the 13th of December. Bring the project you're working on and show it off. We'll also have an overview of GitHub and a sign-up party for the uninitiated. If you have any lingering questions from our test-driven Django workshop, bring it. See you there.

jQuery conference (
jQuery conference is coming to San Diego's Mission Valley February 12-13 with training (the Roost conference) happening the two days prior. jQuery is a JavaScript technology for building website front-ends and is commonly used with back-end technologies such as Django or Flask. Early bird pricing is still available.

Pycon US (
Pycon US, the largest Python interest conference, is coming up (counter-intuitively) in Montréal on April 11-13. There will be additional events, such as tutorials and sprints on either side of those dates. The schedule won't be out for a bit, but registration is open.


Python programmer (
Vijay from CA Technologies is looking for a Python developer for a contract to hire role. Specifically he is interested in a person with machine learning experience and the corresponding relevant Python packages.

Web developer (
WhatRunsWhere, a Pacific Beach based advertising firm, is looking for a web developer with experience in Python, PHP or something similar as well as some database and web application framework experience.

Would you like to see your job opening posted here? Send it to us. It's free.