January Newsletter

Mon 06 January 2014 by David Fischer

Happy new year local Pythonistas,

Here at San Diego Python, we love feedback. If you love our newsletter, tell us! If you hate it, we want to hear from you. Did you see some articles that we should have posted? Do you have an article, event or other suggestion for our next newsletter? Email us.

We are also looking for a speaker for this month's San Diego Python monthly meetup. If you'd be willing to give a Python related tech talk, please let us know.


Probabilistic programming & Bayesian methods for hackers (github.io)
At the monthly meetup in November, a few people asked me about a good guide to data mining in Python. I recommended a guide (guidetodatamining.com) I had actually used and liked. This is a different guide that I have not yet read but that seems to have a greater focus on the existing Python ecosystem of tools such as NumPy, SciPy and PyMC.

Getting started with Python in San Diego (pythonsd.org)
I get asked regularly how to get started learning Python or what are the best resources for getting familiar with the Python ecosystem. This guide has links to local resources, videos, books and other tutorials to help you become a better programmer.

Upcoming events

San Diego PyLadies Hack Night (meetup.com)
If last month's San Diego Python hack night wasn't enough for you, the local PyLadies group will be having one at the Ansir Center. The date was moved to early February.

Web technologies training with Apigee (eventbrite.com)
Steve Traut from Apigee is giving a free web technologies training course in San Diego this week. If you are lost with web technologies like JavaScript and REST APIs, then this series is for you.

Pycon US (pycon.org)
Pycon US, the largest Python interest conference, is coming up (counter-intuitively) in Montréal on April 11-13. There will be additional events, such as tutorials and sprints on either side of those dates. The schedule won't be out for a bit, but registration is open.


Python software engineer wanted (independa.com)
Independa, a Carmel Valley based independent care technology solutions provider is looking for a Python developer familar with Django, MySQL and cloud deployment such as EC2 or Heroku. This was referred to San Diego Python by Laura and Steve of Steel Point Search who mentioned that there were trying to fill eight positions.

Python programmer (ca.com)
Vijay from CA Technologies is looking for a Python developer for a contract to hire role. Specifically he is interested in a person with machine learning experience and the corresponding relevant Python packages.

Web developer (email)
Gildshire, a startup from the La Jolla UTC area, is about to launch in beta and is looking for enthusiastic part time and full time Python web developers familiar with the web2py framework.

Would you like to see your job opening posted here? Send it to us. It's free.