January Newsletter

Sat 03 January 2015 by David Fischer

Happy New Year,

Just before New Year's we crossed the 800 member milestone!

We are looking to have a cross-disciplinary (Python, R, Kline and Weka) data science workshop in late February or early March. We are actively seeking docents to help tutor and guide people interested in learning about data science. If you are open to help, please email us.

It is that time of the year again where we need to renew the San Diego Python and SD PyLadies meetup.com membership. If you love the workshops, events and material you get from San Diego Python, please consider a donation.

Upcoming events

Data Visualization Presentation (meetup.com)
Matt Sundquist co-founder at Plotly plot.ly will talk about data visualization at the San Diego R users group on next Wednesday the 7th from 6 to 9 at the Ansir Center. Plotly is a platform for analyzing data and making interactive graphs with Python, matplotlib, R and MATLAB.

Saturday study group (meetup.com)
San Diego PyLadies and SD Python are continuing the Saturday study group at Pangea cafe. The goal of the Saturday study group is to learn Python together in a collaborative environment. Today, over twenty folks showed up on Saturday to learn Python and enjoy the company of other Pythonistas.

January Monthly Meetup (meetup.com)
For January's monthly meetup on the 22nd, Continuum Analytics, the makers of the popular scientific Python distribution Anaconda will be presenting. NanoImaging Services will be hosting and sponsoring the meetup which will be at the usual time but not the usual venue. For help installing Anaconda, attend the Saturday study group!


Software engineer (jobvite.com)
Intellisis is looking for you, the agile-loving, curious, technology-obsessed Python connoisseur ready to take on new challenges. They're a small company near Torrey Pines and are all-in with Python.

Software engineer (brightscope.com)
BrightScope, a local financial information company in UTC, is looking for exceptional engineers to expand their development team. They are big Django users and big San Diego Python supporters.


SoCal Linux Expo (socallinuxexpo.com)
SoCal Linux Expo returns to LA on February 19-22. SoCal Linux Expo is the largest community run free and open source software (FOSS) conference in North America. Tickets are as little as $10 depending on what you'd like to see.

Entreprenuership at edX (edx.org)
Want to start your own business? EdX, Harvard and MIT's open online learning platform, has partnered with Amazon to give everyone who enrolls in their class $1000 in Amazon Web Services (AWS) credits.


Would you like to see your job opening on our newsletter that reaches over 800 local Python developers? First, read our job posting guidelines and then send it to us if you would like it to appear in the newsletter or you can post it yourself to our mailing list.

The Python Software Foundation accepts donations on our behalf but there is no obligation to donate in order to highlight your posting here. Five dollars helps and $50 helps a lot. These donations entirely go toward paying for workshops such as March's Django TDD workshop and September's Intro to Python workshop as well as our meetup.com dues. Also, we are on gittip if you're into that sort of thing.

Did you know that San Diego Python has a chat room? There are some nice folks happy to help or just chat in #sandiegopython on Freenode.