July Newsletter

Thu 03 July 2014 by David Fischer

Happy Independence Day Pythonistas,

Did you know that San Diego Python has an IRC channel? There are some nice folks happy to help or just chat in #sandiegopython on Freenode.

Upcoming events

Saturday study group (meetup.com)
San Diego Python and PyLadies are continuing the Saturday study group at Pangea cafe. The goal of the Saturday study group is to learn Python together in a collaborative environment. There's talk about a Scientific Python Study Group as well for this month but I don't want to spoil too much yet.

San Diego Python monthly meetup (meetup.com)
Our regular monthly meetup will be held at the Ansir Innovation Center on Thursday July 24. We are going to continue our five minute (ish) talks format which worked reasonably well at the last meetup. If you are interested in speaking, please contact us.


Software engineers (dealstruck.com)
Dealstruck, a local startup, is seeking talented full-stack Software Engineers to help build their next generation business crowdlending platform. They are building on Angular.js, CoffeeScript, Python, Django, Force.com and AWS.

Rock Star Django developer (tackk.com)
CoachLogix, a downtown startup, is looking for a Django rock star familiar with REST APIs, Git and AWS to help them build out a cloud platform targeting the professional market.

Python & Django developer (phobio.com)
Phobio, a local company specializing in mobile device buyback, is looking for talented Python and Django developers for their team. They are looking for developers with experience across a full web stack including Linux sysadmin, HTML/CSS/JS, and Python/Django.

Senior Django developer (djangogigs.com)
Fintoo.com, an early stage startup from Torrance, is looking for a Django developer.

Network application developer (apply2jobs.com)
Scientific Research Corporation in beautiful Point Loma is looking for a network application developer familiar with databases and backend web development.

Software engineer (brightscope.com)
BrightScope, a local financial information company in UTC, is looking for exceptional engineers to expand their development team. They are big Django users and big San Diego Python supporters.


SD Python workshops (pythonsd.org)
San Diego Python now has a specific page about our past workshops. If you missed a workshop but want to know what we covered, take a look. If you run a local users group, feel free to borrow liberally from our materials.

Presentation videos (youtube.com)
Presentations from the June Monthly meetup as well as the Geek Girl tech conference last month are now available on San Diego Python's YouTube channel. The presentation materials for the meetup at least are available in our presentations repository.


Would you like to see your job opening posted here? Send it to us. It's free. However, if you recruit some top notch folks as a result and you are feeling particularly generous, the Python Software Foundation accepts donations on our behalf but there is no obligation. These donations entirely go toward paying for workshops such as March's Django TDD workshop.

Did you know you can download the San Diego Python logo and monogram it onto your shirt, hoodie, hat or bag? See the relevant old post for more details. Did you also know that we have two remaining SIGNED copies of Two Scoops of Django? A copy could be yours (for cheaper than Amazon)!

Here at San Diego Python, we love feedback. If you love our newsletter, tell us! If you hate it, we want to hear from you. Did you see some articles that we should have posted? Do you have an article, event or other suggestion for our next newsletter? Email us or tweet @sandiegopython.