July Newsletter

Sun 12 July 2015 by David Fischer


Upcoming events

Saturday study group (meetup.com)
San Diego PyLadies and SD Python are continuing the Saturday study group at the Ansir Innovation Center. The goal of the Saturday study group is to learn Python together in a collaborative environment. The study group is open to people of all skill levels and is particularly open to those new to Python.

Introduction to Interactive Programming with Python (coursera)
This excellent and fun course has just started again. Join Diane, Maggie, Rebecca, Alain, Eric, Gopal, Jaime, Juan, Kyle, Peter and many others at each Saturday Study Group (see above) as we take, or retake, this class. Sure, we'll improve our collection of python made video-games! Also we'll master the skills of interactive programming with python to the point of teaching others. You could be the next tutor in a Coding Class for teenagers at UCSD!

PyLadies Casual Study Group (meetup.com)
San Diego PyLadies are meeting at Lestat's on Adams Avenue on Tuesday July 14 at 6pm. Whether you are interested in learning Python or a Python pro looking to keep your skills fresh with a friendly group of Ladies and supportive men, this is the group for you. This meeting is now regularly held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month.

Monthly Meetup (meetup.com)
Our regular monthly meetup will be held at the Ansir Innovation Center on Thursday July 23 at 7pm. We are actively seeking speakers for five minute lightning talks. Please comment on the meetup if you're interested in speaking.

DjangoCon US (djangocon.us)
DjangoCon will be in Austin this year from September 7-9. Texas is a popular place for conferences this year. Financial aid is available. This year DjangoCon is run by a new nonprofit, the Django Events Foundation North America (DEFNA) which means lower prices and making the event more accessible to those who need it.

Djangogirls Inland Empire workshop (djangogirls.org)
Djangogirls, a non-profit that helps organize programming workshops for women, is holding a workshop for women who would like to learn to build websites at UC Riverside on December 4-5. Space is limited!


Full Stack Developer (brightscope.com)
Brightscope, a local financial analytics firm and big SD Python supporter is looking to hire a full stack Django developer to join their ever growing team. They are based in the UTC area.

Would you like to see your job opening on our newsletter that reaches over 1000 local Python developers? First, read our job posting guidelines and then send it to us.


If you're into web development, you should check out the new edition of Two Scoops of Django by occasional SD Python attendees Danny Greenfeld and Audrey Roy Greenfeld.

You can always talk to us at #sandiegopython on Freenode and if you feel we're doing a great job then the PSF accepts donations on our behalf.