November Newsletter

Sun 02 November 2014 by David Fischer


After a bit of a hiatus, the monthly newsletter is back!

First of all, a bit of housekeeping is in order. There will be a few changes to the schedule of the San Diego Python monthly meetup for the next two months. Our usual 4th Thursday schedule would mean a meetup on Thanksgiving and on Christmas. Instead, we will be having our Django One-Day Unconference on November 15 and a casual meetup on December 12. Neither of these are at the usual spot, so make sure to check

Upcoming events

Saturday study group (
San Diego PyLadies and SD Python are continuing the Saturday study group at Pangea cafe. The goal of the Saturday study group is to learn Python together in a collaborative environment. Thanks to all that have been helping out and participating. It's been fun and helpful.

Django One-Day Unconference (
Brightscope is sponsoring a Django One-Day Unconference, a participant-driven event where every attendee is encouraged to present or just have a conversation on a topic of their choice. While we are suggesting a Python/Django focus for talks, there is no requirement. This event is free and will be at Brightscope's UTC office on November 15.


Software engineer (
BrightScope, a local financial information company in UTC, is looking for exceptional engineers to expand their development team. They are big Django users and big San Diego Python supporters.

Gildshire (
Gildshire, a local company that assembles an online collection of magazines, is looking for a strong Python developer to work with them on a part-time basis at first with the potential to grow into a senior engineer or CTO role.

News (
The Rocketship podcast is a fantastic podcast run by local entreprenuers where you can listen to successful entreprenuers talk about growing a business.

San Diego Tech Hubs (
Blair Giesen, a contributor to Voice of San Diego, has a great new article on tech hubs in San Diego. I was previously unaware of HeraHub, a co-working space with a focus on female entreprenuers.


Would you like to see your job opening on our newsletter that reaches over 600 local Python developers? Send it to us. The Python Software Foundation accepts donations on our behalf but there is no obligation to donate in order to highlight your posting here. Five dollars helps and $50 helps a lot. These donations entirely go toward paying for workshops such as March's Django TDD workshop and September's Intro to Python workshop. Also, we are on gittip if you're into that sort of thing.

Did you know that San Diego Python has a chat room? There are some nice folks happy to help or just chat in #sandiegopython on Freenode.