Django Test-Driven Development workshop

We had 40 people attend our Test-Driven Django Development workshop last weekend. Thanks to the Python Software Foundation for sponsoring this event and thanks to the Ansir Innovation Center for providing the venue! The feedback on the event was extremely positive.

In case you missed our event or if you want to run your own Django test-driven development workshop, we have made all of our workshop tutorials available online. The sources are up on github and we intend to continue to improve these so that they can be reused in another workshop.

Python for Data Analysis

Sat 20 April 2013 by David Fischer

Python for Data Analysis

We had about 40 people attend our Python for data analysis workshop. Thanks to the Qualcomm open source portal team for sponsoring today's event!

Here are the presentations:

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Django Day

Sat 23 February 2013 by David Fischer

Django Day workshop

We had about 30 people attend our Django Day workshop. We had both an intro track for people new to Django and an intermediate track for those who attended our previous Intro to Django workshop or have Django experience. Thanks to Cuker for sponsoring today's event!

The code and slides …

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Intro to Python Workshop

Sat 19 January 2013 by David Fischer

Intro to Python workshop

We had over 30 people attend our Intro to Python workshop today. It was a full day of learning Python with food and drinks provided. Thanks to the Python Software Foundation for sponsoring the workshop and the Ansir Innovation Center for hosting. If you have feedback you would like to …

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